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Fax Broadcasting

Fax (yes, fax!) is still an effective, cost-efficient way to reach healthcare providers as part of a multichannel marketing program, or on its own.

Personalized Broadcasting Solutions

Broadcasting personalized messages via fax lets you reach as many targets as you need in minutes. The experts at Data Ad will help you select your audience, optimize the assets, ensure they’re compliant and stagger the broadcast to maximize the impact of your campaign.

A Versatile Tool

Fax broadcasting can be used in a variety of different applications to rapidly reach HCPs. We can broadcast from your organization’s lists or provide you with a list that meets your objectives. Utilize fax to send:

  • Needs assessments for continuing medical education (CME) events
  • Invitations to HCPs for an event or program enrollment
  • Special promotions on pharmaceutical products
  • Communications to pharmacists related to prescription/drug updates


Whether you have a mass announcement or a more targeted message, fax broadcasting is one of the least expensive channels you can use to deliver it.


Data Ad’s expertise and technology will help you create customized faxes that can be sent out to any size list in minutes.


The healthcare industry still uses fax machines to securely send and receive information. For certain applications, a timely fax will get the best engagement.


Since a fax shows up as a physical copy, it’s more likely to be seen as compared to some other forms of communication. And brand awareness is all about visibility.

Reach your key targets in the healthcare industry