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Data Management

We build databases and organize your data to provide valuable, real-time insights into your campaign results.

Making the Data Work
For Your Organization

When data is siloed, departments and teams don’t have a unified view of engagements, and it’s difficult to integrate individual channels. This leads to wasted marketing spend, inefficiencies and, for HCPs or patients, a disjointed experience.

Our data management services help you avoid this by creating an organized, intuitive system where insights are always a click away. We can manage your in-house database or develop custom databases based on your objectives.

Organizing Data for
True Integration

In addition to building and managing databases, our team has expertise in professionally executing updates, modifications and segmentations. We also have data capture and reporting capabilities, including data entry, web input, scanning, OCR and bar coding.

  • Software can be modified to provide you with data and reports that interface seamlessly with your systems
  • Data and reporting capabilities may be combined with our other programs, such as product sampling fulfillment
  • Real-time campaign insights let you refine and optimize each campaign for better results

Automation Opportunities

A comprehensive database creates opportunities for automating certain tasks based on engagements (for example, sending a thank-you email after a meeting with a rep). This makes it easy to improve experiences without added strain on your staff.

Seamless Engagements

Our databases and data capture capabilities let your team log every interaction they have with each stakeholder in one place. Departments can then coordinate for a smooth handoff between traditional and digital engagements.

Better Return on Investment

Data Ad can provide you with continuous analytics and insights into each campaign. With the ability to assess performance more quickly, you can course correct if needed. No more wasted marketing budget.

Customized Experiences

Because you’ll have data at your fingertips, your team will know what information a specific HCP will likely want to see next and the ideal channel to use to deliver it. Targeting doesn’t get much more precise than that.

Reach your key targets in the healthcare industry