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Contact Center

Our contact center leverages the by-phone communication channel to improve response, participation and awareness of your communication campaign.

Opening a Two-Way Dialogue

Data Ad’s call center services complement digital and face-to-face engagements to create a more robust omnichannel campaign. The phone is a particularly useful channel to connect with your most important segment of contacts, opening a two-way dialogue with your brand.

In-House Contact Center

We offer:

  • Outgoing call activity for program enrollment, presentations and outreach
  • Incoming call center for support, liaison and screening
  • Real-time reporting and measurements to continually evaluate and improve

Add a Personal Touch

Speaking with an actual person feels more personal than an email or text message. Some HCPs and patients value this. Offering them the opportunity to have a conversation will increase trust and engagement.

Save Money

The professionals at our contact center can handle incoming and outgoing call activity for your campaigns. This lets you get more done without having to staff up, ultimately saving your organization time and money.

Orchestrate With Digital Channels

Hybrid journeys that feature both digital and non-digital touchpoints are often the most effective. This traditional channel will support your digital initiatives and ensure different HCP or patient preferences are met.

Maximize Campaign Results

Phone communication will boost participation and response. And because we’re always assessing and finetuning based on real-time insights, every engagement is results-focused.

Reach your key targets in the healthcare industry