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Digital Marketing Execution

Our team offers marketing automation support services to help you execute your digital initiatives as efficiently as possible.

Support for Your Digital Activities

Think of the Data Ad team as an extension of your marketing department. We’ll help you optimize your digital touchpoints and execute your content and digital marketing initiatives quickly.

From journey design to trigger marketing, we have the experience to turn your digital ecosystem into a well-oiled machine. We then use data and analytics to continuously finetune campaigns for maximum engagement.

Marketing Cloud Management

Data Ad provides ongoing management of marketing platforms. We can administer your existing marketing cloud or provision one for you.

Journey Design

Journey design involves mapping interactions and touchpoints between channels to create tailored customer experiences.

Email Campaigns

Our team can execute all of your email outreach initiatives from mass email blasts to personalized communications.

Analytics & Reporting

We offer contact-level activity reporting throughout the journey, giving you the flexibility to pivot as needed.

Social Media Engagement

We’re experts in reviewing and understanding the most complex social listening outputs and using the intelligence to deliver more effective social campaigns.

Leverage Technology

Data Ad will partner with you to implement industry leading technology rapidly and flexibly across multiple business units for a fraction of the cost of enterprise-driven solutions.

Create Hybrid Journeys

By considering all of the measurable digital and non-digital touchpoints along the customer journey, we’re able to seamlessly integrate the right channels for each audience segment.

Responsive Support

Your organization will benefit from an agile team available to quickly move from journey design, to project execution, through to campaign measurement. We’re here for you when you need us.

Real-Time Insights

You’ll have ongoing visibility into campaign performance via flexible reporting mechanisms for all stages of the recipient journey. We also use regular metric reviews to optimize interactions and improve engagement.

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