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Business & Consumer Lists

An effective communication campaign starts with a complete and credible list. Data Ad can provide you with just that. Our team has access to the most up-to-date lists of healthcare professionals and patients in Canada.

The Foundation of
a Strategic Campaign

No matter how well-crafted the message or optimal the channel, a campaign won’t drive engagement and action if it doesn’t reach the right audience. Thanks to Data Ad’s partnership with leaders in health information & technology, we have unrivaled access to business and consumer lists.

We know that juggling the immense amount of information available can be overwhelming. But our team understands the data and knows how to leverage insights to research and target the highest potential HCPs, HCOs or patients for each specific campaign.

Precision Targeting

We’ll help you access lists that match the audience profile best suited to your marketing strategy and goals.

Meaningful Results

Our quality, optimized healthcare and patient lists will propel your campaign’s penetration and reach for meaningful results.

Focused Campaigns

Instead of casting a wide net, you’ll be able to laser focus resources on engaging the right audience.

Enhanced Productivity

Maximize your sales force and marketing investment by empowering your teams to build relationships with high-value targets.

Reach your key targets in the healthcare industry